Parrett Family History

The Parrett Migration: Their Story is America's Story

5 Generations...200 Years of American History...The Parretts were ordinary farmers, lost to the ages--until now...As it turns out, their story is America's story. Winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for historical biography.



The Story



The Parretts were not generals, social reformers, or celebrated leaders of any kind. They were not the sort of people who have books written about them. They were large farming families, who acquired and cultivated large tracts of land, each succeeding generation moving on to the next frontier. Except for land, census, and military records, their lives were largely lost to history--until now.

Dawn Parrett Thurston, an eighth-generation descendant of Frederick Parrett, her earliest-known paternal ancestor, became intrigued with the family during her college days. As she embarked on what became a decades-long study of the Parretts, her research took her to Switzerland, France, and Germany, where she followed the route of Frederick's eighteenth-century journey down the Rhine River to the port where he embarked to America. She visited Frederick's farm in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and drove the western migration routes taken by the four generations that immediately followed him, standing on the soil of their former farms in Tennessee, Ohio, and Iowa.

As the author examined available family records against the backdrop of American history, she came to see that the Parrett story is part of a much larger, fascinating narrative. The Parrett Migration spans nearly two hundred years of American history, a period when the country was in a constant state of flux, its borders ever expanding, its citizens embarking on exhausting and sometimes dangerous migrations in their quest for more land. The author discovered that her ancestors were on the trails during all the major migrations, traveling on foot, on horseback, and in covered wagons, forsaking the comforts of a settled situation, even a prosperous situation, to carve a new life for themselves out of the wilderness. The Parrett Migration is more than a family story, it turns out; it's America's story. 

Why This Book May Interest You

If you're related to the Parretts--or to people who married the Parretts--The Parrett Migration will enhance your understanding and appreciation for your forebears and the times in which they lived.

If your ancestors immigrated to America during the colonial era, or participated in any of the great migrations, it's likely that their story is similar to the Parretts' experience.

If you're considering writing a family history, you will find this a good resource for learning how to breathe life into ordinary, obscure people in your family tree.  


Size:  7..5 x 9.25 inches

Pages: 344

Illustrations: Photographs, family charts, custom maps and drawings

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Foy history writers, it is a "how to" book on combining facts with well written scenes that invite you into the thoughts and dreams of these explorers. You might expect great historical or family photographs, but most people have not seen a contract for an indentured servant or a pay slip for a Revolutionary War soldier. How about the hyperbole of advertisements luring the brave into the uncharted regions of unexplored America? The broad wealth of intriguing information envelopes the characters so that the truth of their lives reads like a wonderful historical novel.